The use of drones to take stunning photographs and video footage has revolutionised the creative possibilities in TV, media production and marketing. Filming opportunities and angles which were once limited to big budget productions, are now available to all, as this new technology evolves at a staggering pace.

Put simply, aerial footage adds a stunning new dimension to any production-whether it’s a news event covering major fires, disasters, or extreme weather related stories such as flooding or snow, sporting events, a corporate film of a new factory opening to a marketing video of a glamorous hotel-we can cover it all.

The DJI Phantom4 Pro drone shoots broadcast quality bit rates of 100mbps allowing footage to incorporate much more detail.  

 Using a real time live HD video downlink the footage can be viewed from the ground allowing the pilot, camera operator and client full control of filming.

Our drone has the versatility to match and in most situations out perform traditional filming methods such as dollys, jibs and helicopters.

It can fly at any height from a foot off the ground up to 400 feet – below what helicopters are permitted to. We are also able with special permissions to fly much closer to buildings and people than a helicopter.

Flying indoors is even possible using the drones state of the art laser positioning system meaning ultra smooth tracking and jib type shots are achievable.

The cost savings compared with using a helicopter are also immense.

In 2020 we recently shot aerial footage for two episodes of Channel 5's "This Week on The Farm" produced by Daisybeck Studios

Flycam UK Photography and videos
Flycam UK. North of UK, Hull, leeds

In 2018 we shot the aerial drone footage for 4 episodes of Channel 4's  "Coast V Country" series 4, produced by Freeform Productions.

Our aerial work has also formed part of other TV programmes such as The One Show on BBC 1.

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Flycam UK photography and videos
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Drone photography and videos
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