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Using Drones For Safety

We were recently contacted by the UK arm of world leading German manufacturing company Metso to assist them with some analysis of one of their massive Scrap metal Pre -Shredder machines.

They needed to be able to see how the rotors were performing while the machine was in operation. The only way to achieve that was from above which is where Flycam UK came in.

Due to the difficulties of the busy site – constant large vehicle movements, height of the shredding machine and the fact it was constantly being fed with baled car and vans by 2 large material handlers, traditional methods of access such as scaffolding and cherry pickers were not deemed appropriate.

The use of a drone to film from above also mitigated the need to use operatives working in a hazardous situation at height.

We filmed the machine in ultra HD in operation for a continuous 20 minute period from a static position which allowed the engineers to visually analyse how it was performing in conjunction with computerised analytical software.

Unmanned drones have the ability to fly close to buildings, and into difficult positions where other methods of access may not be safe or cost effective. FlyCam UK provide detailed high definition pictures of buildings and structures where scaffold, cherry pickers and access towers may not be feasible. We offer a fast solution to investigate a problematic area in need of inspection.

Our innovative technology allows us to liaise with the client on the ground ensuring all areas of concern are inspected. The client or surveyor is able to see what the camera can see in real time through the live HD video down link to a monitor. The information can be reviewed on site in high definition to show the more detailed results.

If we can help make your next project safer then please get in touch.

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